Zombie HQ

1.10.0 for iPhone

Kill zombies all night long


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In Zombie HQ, a third-person action game, you need to end the zombie threat by massacring as many as you can in each level of the adventure.

Gameplay is really very simple; all you need to do is move your character through the different scenes, shooting all the zombies you see in front of you and trying to keep them from getting a taste of your intestines.

Luckily, you'll have some help along the way. You can count on a huge arsenal full of shotguns, machine guns, turret guns, and pistols, along with plenty of defensive equipment to save you from a deadly bite. There are also different items that you can use to furnish your home base.

Graphically, Zombie HQ stands out, with character models and a general design that fit in perfectly with the overall tone of the game.

Zombie HQ is a good zombie-killing game that should keep you entertained for hours thanks to a variety of missions and the large amount of objects that you can collect.
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